Pro-Bot / Logo Bundle

Directly connect the Logo screen turtle with a floor turtle with the Logo/Pro-Bot bundle! Write Logo programs to control Pro-Bot. Upload Pro-Bot programs to edit or store with Logo. The Pro-Bot/Logo Bundle includes Pro-Bot, Terrapin Logo v. 4 license, and a USB cable, everything you need to get going at a discount!

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Directly connect the screen turtle with a floor turtle with the Logo/Pro-Bot bundle! Terrapin Logo and Pro-Bot can exchange programs via a USB cable so you can write Logo programs to control Pro-Bot, test them on the screen, and then download them to Pro-Bot to try out. Conversely, you can upload Pro-Bot programming to Logo for editing and storage. Terrapin Logo v. 4 includes built-in commands to turn the Pro-Bot connection on and off, and to transfer a given set of procedure between Pro-Bot and your PC or Mac.

Use Logo to access all of Pro-Bot's programming capability, including the Main program and subprocedures. Store different Pro-Bot personalities on your computer as Logo files and then download them to Pro-Bot as needed. The combination of Logo and Pro-Bot leverages Pro-Bots across an entire classroom letting students Write your own set of procedures and test them on the computer and then download and test them on Pro-Bot when it is their turn.

The Pro-Bot/Logo Bundle includes everything you need: Pro-Bot, a Terrapin Logo 4.0 license, and USB cable.

Before you connect your computer and Pro-Bot, you need to install a USB driver which is available on the Internet. See Programming the Pro-Boti for complete information.

Sample Code


    ; 6-pointed star
    REPEAT 6 [FD 10 RT 120 FD 10 LT 60]

    ; 5-pointed star
    REPEAT 5 [FD 10 RT 132 FD 10 LT 60]

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