Easi-Scope Holiday Special

Purchase Easi-Scope for the holidays and get free U.S. shipping and a Collection Container 4-pack at no extra charge!

Empower young scientists to explore the world around them with the Easi-Scope Digital Microscope. Just plug Easi-Scope's cable into your computer or Chromebook USB port and examine the objects under Easi-Scope at up to 50 times magnification on the screen.  See a whole world that is hidden from our eyes.  Use the colelction containers to collect samples, such as sand, shells, leaves, twigs, and rocks to examine in detail with Easi-Scope.

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Purchase Easi-Scope for the holidays and get free US shipping and a Collection Container 4-pack at no extra charge!

The new Easi-Scope Digital Microscope, from the makers of Bee-Bot, lets students examine everyday objects in amazing detail. Easi-Scope turns young students into scientific detectives who can discover and explore the inner workings and fine details of the world around them.  The simple plug and play Easi-Scope attaches to a computer, laptop, or Chromebook via a USB port. The egg shape makes it easy to grasp and focus while built-in LED lights provide close up illumination. Press the button on top to take a photo or record a video.

A basic camera tool on your computer is all you need. Open an existing one on your machine and select Easi-Scope (listed as USB Microscope) as your viewing source, or download the Xploview software options provided on our downloads page.

Collection containers are clear plastic boxes with screw-on caps that make it convenient to collect, transport, save, and store dry samples for examination with Easi-Scope.  Take them on a walk in the woods or on the beach and collect items to bring back and magnify with Easi-Scope.  


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