Bundles are popular combinations with multiple Bee-Bots or Pro-Bots and accessories available at a discount when purchased together. Bundles offer an economical way to create an exciting Bee-Bot or Pro-Bot environment in a school, classroom, or other learning environment.

You can also build your own bundle! Orders of Bee-Bots, Pro-Bots, accessories from $500-$999 are automatically discounted by 5% and orders over $1000 are discounted by 10%. Assemble the number of 'bots you would like along with your favorite add-ons into one order and enjoy the discount. Place your order online (which can be done in conjunction with a purchase order) to qualify for the build your own bundle discount.

Already-discounted prepackaged bundles aren't further discounted but do count toward the overall order total. Buy a Bee-Bot Hive, Bee-Bot Class Bundle, or Pro-Bot Six Pack and any items you add to the order will be discounted. Shop and save!

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  • Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Hive

    The Hive is a set of 6 Bee-Bots or Blue-Bots with the Bee-Bot Backpack to store them in and the Docking Station to recharge them. The Bot Hive is an economical way to bring the excitement and learning of Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to an entire class. Locate a Hive in your classroom and see the students start buzzing!
    (See below to configure your Hive for Bee-Bots or Blue-Bots.)

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    Regular Price: $649.60

    Special Price $599.95

  • Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Class Bundle

    Boost learning and enthusiasm in a classroom with multiple Bee-Bots or Blue-Bots. The Class Bundle allows you to equip your classroom with Bee-Bots and accessories at a substantial discount over buying the items separately.

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    Regular Price: $544.60

    Special Price $499.95

  • Pro-Bot Six Pack

    The Pro-Bot Six Pack is a great economical way to bring multiple Pro-Bots into a school and introduce the fun, excitement, and learning of robotics to more students. Learn More

    Regular Price: $983.35

    Special Price $799.95

  • Robot Trio

    The Robot Trio offers a great price for purchasing Bee-Bot, Blue-Bot, and Pro-Bot together.

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    Regular Price: $359.85

    Special Price $299.95

  • Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Learning Station

    The Learning Station combines Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot and the Card Mat. Learning stations offer the opportunity to divide the class into small groups for differentiated instruction and make it easy to provide supplemental learning. Learning stations are a great way to implement Bee-Bot Lessons and Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot.

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    Regular Price: $159.90

    Special Price $139.95

  • Blue Connection

    The Blue Connection is a combination of Blue-Bot and TacTile Reader at a discount. Add extra standard or extended tile packs for more savings! Learn More

    Regular Price: $249.90

    Special Price $199.95

  • Robot Duo

    The Robot Duo offers a great price for purchasing Bee-Bot and Pro-Bot together. Learn More

    Regular Price: $239.90

    Special Price $199.95

  • Pro-Bot / Logo Bundle

    Directly connect the Logo screen turtle with a floor turtle with the Logo/Pro-Bot bundle! Write Logo programs to control Pro-Bot. Upload Pro-Bot programs to edit or store with Logo. The Pro-Bot/Logo Bundle includes Pro-Bot, Terrapin Logo v. 4 license, and a USB cable, everything you need to get going at a discount!

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    Regular Price: $199.90

    Special Price $179.95

  • Bee-Bot/Kinderlogo Combo

    Bee-Bot and Kinderlogo are both great learning tools for students in kindergarten through second grade. Bee-Bot is a hands-on device which reinforces counting, estimation, sequencing, and critical thinking skills. Kinderlogo is a set of Logo-based computer exercises which promotes the same skills for the same age group. These complementary learning tools are available together at a substantial discount.

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    Regular Price: $139.90

    Special Price $119.95

  • Easi-Scope Digital Microscope Six Pack

    An economical and colorful Six Pack of Easi-Scope microscopes. Look on in amazement at everyday things with this easy to use handheld microscope! Simply hold the Easi-Scope over an object, focus by turning the top, then take videos or still images (at up to x50 magnification) using the single control button. Examining items you have around you like sand, chalk, velcro, strawberries or even lint can awaken the junior scientist in all who look on! It's especially ideal for use in the study and investigation of 3D objects that normally would not fit under a standard microscope. Learn More

    Regular Price: $359.70

    Special Price $299.95

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