Meet Blue-Bot, the new version of the Bee-Bot robot with a twist: a Bluetooth connection that lets you program the robot from a tablet or PC as well as directly via the on-board keys.

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Use the command keys to send Blue-Bot forward and back, left and right and teach sequencing, directionality, problem-solving, counting, and estimation. Students are anxious to put Blue-Bot through its paces and develop important thinking skills while they are having fun.

Take Blue-Bot to the next level by using iOS or Android apps or Terrapin Logo on PC or Mac to create a program on screen and send it to Blue-Bot via the Bluetooth connection. Then watch as Blue-Bot follows the program. If it wasn’t what you want, simply change the commands on screen and send the program again. Additional on screen capability for 45 degree turns and repeating commands expands the Blue-Bot programming experience. Creating a program on-screen and then sending it to Blue-Bot provides an additional conceptual level of understanding that further develops algorithmic thinking skills.

Like Bee-Bot, Blue-Bot is sturdily constructed and holds up well to classroom use. Blue-Bot blinks and beeps engagingly to provide feedback as it follows a program. With its clear shell, Blue-Bot is literally transparent so that its components can be seen, helping to demystify technology. A rechargeable battery, with accompanying charger cable, provides years of use.

Blue-Bot brings science, technology, engineering, and math into the classroom for even the youngest students and helps build foundational skills for lifelong learning.

PLEASE NOTE: Blue-Bot® is compatible with any Android or iOS tablet with version 3.0/4.0+ EDR Bluetooth (e.g. iPad3 and later). Please check your device specifications to ensure it is compatible.


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