Terrapin offers many accessories specially designed for Bee-Bot that enhance using Bee-Bot in the classroom or at home. These items not only complement Bee-Bot, but work well with Bee-Bot mats and curriculum too.

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  • TacTile Reader Extension Tile Pack

    The TacTile Reader Extension Tile Pack contains 25 tiles offering extended commands for Blue-Bot, including 45 degree angles and repeat sequences. Tiles included are:     •   (4) 45° Left     •   (4) 45° Right     •   (3) Repeat [     •   (2) x2     •   (1) x3     •   (2) x4     •   (2) x6     •   (2) x8     •   (3) ]     •   (2) Pause Learn More

  • TacTile Reader Standard Tile Pack

    The TacTile Reader Standard Tile Pack provides 25 additional standard movement tiles to use to program Blue-Bot with the TacTile Reader. Learn More

  • TacTile Reader

    The Blue-Bot TacTile Reader is a unique, hands-on programming device to control Blue-Bot with tiles representing each Blue-Bot command. Learn More

  • Backpack

    The Bee-Bot Backpack is a sturdy backpack with configurable space to store up to six Bee-Bots in protected pockets. Decked out in bright Bee-Bot yellow and black, the Bee-Bot Backpack makes it simple and safe to both store and transport Bee-Bots. With the Bee-Bot Backpack, you can easily move Bee-Bots from class to class or school to school. Just unzip the backpack, remove the Bee-Bots, and they are ready to go in their new location!

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  • Six-Bot USB Charger

    Charge up to 6 robots or other USB devices at a time with one electrical outlet. Learn More

  • Docking Station

    The Docking Station holds and charges up to six Bee-Bots and/or Blue-Bots at once from a single electrical outlet. Simply plug the docking station in and place up to six Bee-Bots and/or Blue-Bots in the specially designed docking slips. As you settle a 'Bot into its slip, the USB docking port fits smoothly into the USB recharger. An overnight stay in the Docking Station will leave Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot fully charged and ready to go for fun and learning in the classroom. Learn More

  • Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot Step Ruler 20 Pack

    Have your class measure out their own 'bot pathways with the Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot Step Ruler, now available in a 20-pack. Learn More

  • "Bee-signer" Jackets

    Design your Bee-Bot to look just how you want with the "Bee-signer" jacket. Use markers, decals, or stickers to create your own custom look on the white jacket and then snap it in place on Bee-Bot. "Bee-signer" jackets come in packages of four white jackets. Learn More

  • Command Cards

    Each Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot command card pictures one of the 'bot control keys on one side and an image of a Bee-Bot with the same key highlighted on the other. Children can use the cards to record their command sequence as they push Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot's buttons. Command cards provide a visual record of the planned program that students can follow as it is executed. Cards may also be used to create games and challenge young learners.

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9 Item(s)

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